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Daniel Richard

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Nasir Malik

Nasir Malik

Nasir Malik was born on April 15, 1972 in Chowk Azam (Layyah District of Pakistan). He passed M.A., Urdu examination. During his studies, he was counted among the good and intelligent students. In 2008, he received with great honor “Masood Khaddar Posh Award” in Punjabi Institute of Language, Art and Culture, Lahore. He received a one-month invitation from Saudi Arabia under the auspices of Sohail Saqib, Sarfraz Hussain Zia and Al-Khabar Literary and Social Forum Damam (Saudi Arabia). Ceremonies were held in his honor in Al-Khabar, Damam and Al-Ahsaa, and he had the opportunity to visit several Makkah and Madina, the Holy Shrine of the Prophet. He is an enlightened writer, a well-known novelist of the country, a tireless researcher of history and a poet of sweet accent. His name came to the fore a long time ago with reference to research literature and poetry. He made such beautiful writings a part of literature that he gained an individual place among those who were interested in literature. For his knowledge of poetry, he learnt by Zafar Iqbal Zafar and Dr. Khayal Amrohi. In novel and fiction writing, he was guided by Rafiq Ahmed Naqsh. His literary journey began in 1985. The first story, "Jazeeray ka Samundar", was published in a children's monthly newspaper. His many stories for children had published in national newspapers. In 1986, he started writing stories for adults. His long story was published in a Lahore-based literary magazine, Adab Arz. After publishing a few stories, he wrote a series of novels. In the early stages, his social novel "Sahar" made him famous at the national level. Platforms like Digest, Lahore, Monthly, New Horizons, Karachi and Monthly Suspense Digest remained available. As a publisher, Nasir Malik founded an organization in 2005 called "Art Land" and later "Urdu Sukhan Pakistan" where many hundreds books were published.
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